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Inspiring Your Team with Energy and Intention

The Paul Bramson Companies is obsessed with keeping people engaged to guarantee everyone walks away with new skills.

Our expert trainers are from varied industries and backgrounds. Each brings a unique personality to the table and a passion for professional development. We don’t passively read slides or deliver a presentation; we teach, engage, interact, challenge, coach, support and empower in every moment we work with you.

Not every trainer can provide this level of intention and energy; Team Bramson can.

paul presenting to large audience

Our History

Powerhouse trainer and CEO, Paul Bramson, launched The Paul Bramson Companies in 2002 with a mission to inspire professionals to achieve personal and professional success by empowering them to pivot their mindset from previous conditioning while encouraging them to learn cutting-edge skills and strategies. Paul and his high-performing team are masters at tapping into talent and motivating individuals and groups to soar to the true height of their potential.

The Paul Bramson Companies has trained more than 400,000 Fortune 500/1000/5000 professionals worldwide and across all industries.

Powerful content with powerful delivery inspires people to take action.

Paul Bramson

CEO, The Paul Bramson Companies

Do You Have The Grit That Drives Business and Professional Growth?