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What needs to happen for you to tell yourself it’s time to be better?

When companies need a keynote speaker for their event, they look for someone memorable and engaging to inspire, motivate and move the audience into action. They aim to elevate skills and embolden their leaders through thought-provoking, relevant, and actionable content. These companies often have an idea of what they want to achieve, but they don’t always know what they need or what they are looking for to reach their goal. Paul Bramson’s talks deliver on a level companies don’t know is possible.

Paul’s highly entertaining and impactful content is like no other speaker’s on the circuit today. As a sales and leadership expert, he shapes bespoke content based on your unique organization and industry. His inspiring speeches provide an entirely unique experience. He talks about connecting and building relationships at a basic, human level that everyone can relate to, ensuring your team members can immediately embrace and apply what they have learned to their professional lives.

Choose Paul Bramson as the speaker for your keynote event to propel your company to new heights, from leading high-performance teams to leveling up your organization’s sales expertise. You can invite him to speak at everything from conferences and national meetings to sales kick-offs.

Paul Bramson is

A Powerhouse Keynote Speaker and Elite Trainer.

Recognized as a Global Authority and Thought Leader.

Impactful, Entertaining, Relevant, Authentic and Dynamic.

Unlike Any Speaker You Have Ever Experienced.

The real deal.

Entertaining. Relevant. Engaging.

Paul Bramson’s keynote talks captivate his audience and inspire them to embrace and apply what they learn. With his extensive experience and the universal relevance of his content, it’s no wonder attendees find his insights both valuable and actionable. 

The fact that Paul has trained over 500,000 individuals globally speaks volumes about the impact he’s had in helping people level up their sales and leadership skills, improve professional and personal relationships, and elevate communication abilities. As a competent, well-spoken sales guru, he gives you and your team the power to achieve new goals and launch your company to new heights.

Connecting Like A PRO®

Paul’s Connecting Like A PRO® keynote speaks to an audience’s underlying needs — the heart of what keeps people motivated and productive — and empowers them to achieve more. He goes right to the core of how people are innately built, foregoing the typical personality profiles and assessments people have learned about and taken for decades. Your audience will walk away knowing their inherent need, how to identify someone else’s and most importantly, how to use that information to build more meaningful and productive relationships.

Paul’s dynamic, interactive, highly relevant, and impossible-to-forget talks provide an intimate experience, regardless of the audience size. He can engage a virtual or in-person audience, pivoting in the moment to cover the most relevant topics or challenges. As a leadership and sales expert, he will use his deep knowledge to meet your team members where they’re at and motivate them to act.

In one keynote, Paul will elevate your company’s game by strengthening your team members’ skill sets and inspiring them to surpass your expectations.

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Audience Love Paul

Audiences love paul

What a great way to kickoff Verinext SKO 2024!

Our keynote speaker has a gift and brought motivation and energy to our team this week. Thank you, Paul Bramson.

Wendy G.

Head of Marketing

Your ability to captivate a room full of people is a huge skill on its own.

But to deliver content that actually resonated to the extent that it did makes the combination lethal.

Motti C.

EMEA Senior Leader

Changed the way we look at ourselves as leaders.

Paul’s Connecting Like A PRO changed the way we look at ourselves as leaders and the way we look at those we lead every day.

Mark C.

Vice President

“It’s Time to Elevate” is our battle cry for this year.

If you have not had the pleasure of working with Paul Bramson, you are missing out. Paul set the tone for the week and elevated engagement while also educating and energizing our sales force.

Thank you, Paul, for another amazing learning experience.

Travis S.

National Sales Director

Helped me take my career to the next level.

The skills I have learned as a result of the The Paul Bramson Companies training have without question helped me take my career to the next level.

Blake B.

Regional Sales Manager

Two words...Absolute Charisma!

Very seldom, as a professional sales person, do you attend sales trainings that stay with you for years. Paul Bramson provided just this. A practical, pragmatic approach to working with prospects and clients. Well done, bravo and thank you.

Patricia M.

Client Advocate

You and your company do amazing things that connect with individuals on a level I’ve never seen before.

If you’re looking for a rockstar team to take your organization to the next level, I highly recommend connecting with The Paul Bramson Companies.

Blair W.

Senior Leader

You are all exceptional at what you do!

Not only has your team impacted the leaders that I’ve supported throughout the years, but you have contributed to my personal and professional growth!

Tyra R.

Vice President

You truly elevated the game, and we can't wait to work with you again!

You are the definition of a PRO.

Joan W.

Vice President of Sales

Best in the Business!

Mike D.

Senior Manager

You didn't set the bar; you are the bar.

Melanie R.

Selling Professional

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All Industries, Worldwide

Paul Bramson has had the honor and privilege of working with some of the most recognizable brands in the world, speaking to and training diverse audiences to enrich their professional and personal journeys with actionable insights and transformative strategies. With each interaction, he’s witnessed the power of universal principles have to drive success and foster growth, regardless of industry or geography. These experiences have shaped Paul’s comprehensive understanding of organizations’ multifaceted challenges and opportunities, allowing him to tailor his approach to resonate deeply with every audience he encounters.

Today when I wake up, I want to be better than I was yesterday. Part of my motivation when I get up in front of a group is to inspire them to think that way, too.

Across Industries,<br />
Across the Globe

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