Why All Salespeople Should Ask about Non-Negotiables 

Aug 1, 2023 | Sales

In a past post, we uncovered the two questions every salesperson should ask: “What are your non-negotiables?” and “What would stop you from making this deal?”

Why are these questions valid and even vital for your sales professional to ask?

By incorporating these provocative questions, you get right to the heart of a possible “no” and may also gain a competitive edge for a “yes”. When you ask these questions, you immediately know what additional information you may need to provide, questions to pivot and ask, or, in some cases, that you will not be able to meet a prospect’s needs. Better to know that last answer now before wasting your time or theirs with further conversations.

When you have a better understanding of what a prospect needs through questioning like this, you’re better equipped to deliver tailored solutions addressing their specific needs. This approach fosters stronger client relationships and increases the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Effective sales performance optimization hinges on a deep understanding of your clients. By asking about non-negotiables and hard stops, you demonstrate your commitment to fully understanding their unique requirements. This rapport lays the foundation for building trust, delivering value, and ultimately closing deals that benefit both parties.

Something to prepare for, or be prepared for is, when you ask these questions, the answers may take you in a whole new direction. You must know your offerings inside and out to be able to pivot in the moment as needed to address the non-negotiables for a positive outcome on both sides.

Remember, effective sales performance optimization starts with understanding your clients on a deeper level. By employing these powerful questioning techniques, you position yourself as a thorough strategic partner and increase your chances of achieving sales success.

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Paul Bramson
Paul Bramson

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